Looking For A Solution To Arthritis?

We Have The Best Natural Herbs For Joint Pain.

 Whenever you are in pain, it paralysis your activities and you may become less productive, or even a liability (we all hate this).

 So what can you do in order to be rid of this joint pain?

 Heard about Sarsaparilla? It is the common name for smilax ornate and an herbal remedy to your knee joint pain. This is a natural herb that has been used medicinally for years by the people native to Central and South America in treating rheumatoid arthritis pain, joint pain, fatigue, muscle pain and so on.

 This thorny vine is native to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. It has the capacity to grow over 50 yards long. The succulent fruits of sarsaparilla come in lustrous black, purple-blue and red. It is popular among wild birds as well as humans. Other breeds of sarsaparilla can also be found in India and China. 

There are compounds in this plant that makes it the best natural herb for knee joint pain you may ever come across. 

 "The lack of iron causes 40 different manifestations of diseases. The Sarsaparilla contains the highest concentration of iron of any plant." ~ Dr Sebi


Saponins For Example is an Anti-inflammatory chemical compounds that taste bitter and help kill fungus, bacteria, cancer cells and harmful microbes. Saponins also mimic effects of certain reproductive hormones associated with youthful characteristics, including testosterone and estrogen. 

 Sarsaparilla equally contains flavonoids, a pigmentation chemical that gives many plants their leaf, stem, flower and even root color. In the past decade, flavonoids have gained more widespread recognition for their use in treating autoimmune conditions and inflammation.

 Wondering what sarsaparilla taste like?

 It’s described as having a mix of wintergreen, vanilla, caramel and licorice flavors. In fact, the root of this plant has historically been used to make syrup and root beer for example, so, this gives you an idea of what it tastes like.

 Relating to which part of the sarsaparilla plant to use, it’s ideal to find pure, dried roots and boil them yourself in order to create an antioxidant-rich tonic that can be consumed whenever you’re feeling sick.

 It is very natural and can help you a lot as a remedy for knee joint pain. With the natural inherent properties this product is blessed with, the side effects are highly limited. Making it a win win for you.

 We have limited quantity in stock; hurry now and get yours.

Sarsaparilla Root (Tea) 

Sarsaparilla Capsules (30 Caps)

Sarsaparilla Capsules (60 Caps)

Sarsaparilla Capsules COMBO (30 + 60 Caps)

Sarsaparilla Monthly Subscription 


This Incredible HERB Will Solve Your Biggest Health Problems! From Diabetes To Anemia To Cancer To Aids
Listen to this excerpt by Dr Sebi explaining why iron is so important. But NOT just any iron, Iron Flourine!!!


What Others Are Saying About Sarsaparilla


“This is a lifesaver. I don't write reviews, but will for this. I was experiencing TERRIBLE Lyme die off, my knees felt paralyzed, would not support my body. A day on Sarsaparilla and I was able to move again." - Lydia B.


"This is a real winner. Sarsaparilla is amazing. It saved me from a severe toxic mold exposure. I've recommended it to several people who've seen raving success with it. Healed joint pain my mother had for years in just one night. Again, truly amazing. - Sylvia S.


"Very fast shipment! Great product and has been a great addition to my natural bodybuilding supplements!! Gainz!! Will purchase again! Thanks!"- Nathi S.


“Works great for Arthritis."- Lorraine H.


"Fast shipping and great experience. Helps me with anemia. Not sure if I can ever live without it. This is my third order." - Linda J. 



The Benefits
In herbal medicine practices, sarsaparilla plant roots are ground up and used to make natural remedies (tinctures, teas, supplements, etc.) that help treat some of the following health problems:
✅ Cancer and tumor growth
✅ Coughs and colds
✅ Rheumatoid arthritis pains, joint pain or rheumatism
✅ Skin problems, including psoriasis, toe fungus, wounds, ulcers and ringworm
✅ Fatigue
✅ Muscle pains or weakness
✅ Low libido and sexual impotence
✅ Headaches
✅ Gout
✅ Indigestion
✅ Liver damage
✅ Infections, such as sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea
✅ Bloating/fluid retention
✅ Overheating and fevers
✅ Increases Energy
✅ Increases Oxygen In The Blood
✅ Maybe used as supportive therapy for chronic fatigue
✅ Maybe used as supportive therapy for chronic rheumatism, gout and rheumatoid arthritis.
✅ May help purify the blood as well as urino-genital tract, thus assisting in the treatment of infection and inflammation.
✅ Useful in the treatment of scaling conditions such as psoriasis and scrofula.
✅ Digestive problems. Sarsaparilla may improve appetite and digestion.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
✅ Kidney problems.
✅ Fluid retention.
✅ Syphilis.
✅ Gonorrhea.
✅ Diabetes 
✅ Other conditions.




We believe in passion, and we passionately believe in elevating your lifestyle with our brand. Herbs & Health (H&H) is not a product line. Herbs & Health (H&H) is a way of life. Our mission is simple. H&H will enliven the human condition; strengthen immunity, and inspire a healthy body, mind, and soul. Not only are we dedicated to taking away your pain, we are dedicated to giving you back your full life so you can live your best version of yourself. H&H is pain relief. H&H is your life.

Our ingredients are sourced with full integrity. We know our farmers & manufacturers and value their practices. Our natural herbs are grown in the high altitude of Germany from a farm using all organic practices.  

At Herbs & Health (H&H), we work directly with our extraction farmers, partners & suppliers so we can control the quality of all our products. What we put into our products matters as much as what you put into your body. Our products are clean and free of chemicals. Our processes are too. 





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