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Calamus Root

Calamus root remedies almost all disorders of the Pancreas, it is beneficial for diabetes.

This is a very effective herb root for many illnesses. It strengthens and is used for any weaknesses of the digestive system and flatulence as well as colic. Also for gastritis and gastric ulcers.

Glandular disorder and gout.

Stimulates sluggish stomach and intestines and dissipate excess mucus. Helpful for slow metabolism, anemia and dropsy

Improves appetite, may be beneficial for people suffering from kidney disorders and is a good remedy for cleansing of the whole system.


A year ago the man, 1.85 metre tall, in his late fifties, had become a skeleton, without knowing the reason of his illness. Weighing only 45 kilo, he, in company of a nurse, stepped into the surgery of his doctor, who was telephoning another doctor, and heard: “I am sending you my most hopeless patient – cancer of the lungs. ”

So, unwittingly, this man learned the diagnosis of his illness. Afterwards someone advised him to chew Calamus roots to break his smoking habit and to drink Yarrow tea, mornings and evenings. Slowly his weight increased and since he felt better, he did not return to the doctor. About half a year later he again went to the surgery of his doctor; who was most taken aback, since he had thought this man dead.

“What did you do?” was all he could say. “Chewed Calamus roots and drank Yarrow tea”, replied the man. “Calamus roots?, where do you find them?” “They are sold in herbal shops for a few shillings.”

The man at this time had reached his normal weight of 86 kilos and it was half a year later that he undertook a mountain hike, carrying a fully laden backpack, when I met him.


My mother was very ill, she had indescribable pains in the intestines and the doctor told me one day, I should expect the worst – cancer. This was at a time I had little to do with herbs, although even then I used natural remedies and never took pills. The doctor’s words troubled me deeply. I was hardly able to accomplish the usual work. Against my habit – my day begins at 6 o’clock in the morning and ends at about 11 o’clock at night – I retired to bed shortly after 8 p.m.

As I was thinking about the hopeless state of my mother, the door opened, my husband came in, put a small radio at my bedside and said: “So that you are not alone.” Shortly afterwards a voice on the radio said: “This is your family doctor speaking. With Calamus roots every disorder of the stomach and the intestines is cleared up, be it stubborn, old or malignant.  Take a level teaspoon of Calamus roots and soak them overnight in a cup of cold water. Warm the liquid slightly in the morning, strain and take one sip of it before and one sip after each meal. That makes 6 sips a day, more should not be taken. The tea should be warmed in a waterbath before each use. This remedy refers to the entire gastro-intestinal tract, including liver, gallbladder, spleen and pancreas.” Overjoyed, I related this to my mother the next morning, but she said with a resigned movement of the hand: “No one and nothing can help me.”  I got the Calamus roots and used them as described above.

It borders on a miracle, when I tell you that already after 14 days all discomfort had subsided.  Weekly my mother now gained 400 gm. She had lost a lot of weight before.


Method Of Use:

Infusions: Only prepare as a cold infusion. 1 - 2 level teaspoons, soaked in a cup of cold water overnight, lightly warmed the next morning (optional) and strained. 

Drink 1/2 cup an hour before a meal, 2 times daily.

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