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Used for disorders and bleeding of the intestines. Especially though, Golden Rod is praised as an excellent remedy for disorders of the kidneys. Flowers and leaves of the Golden Rod have a cooling effect and, since the plant is a diuretic, are recommended in all kidney and bladder complaints. 

The Swiss herbalist, Abbé Kuenzle, tells in his writings of a 45 year old man who suffered from a serious kidney complaint which got worse and worse. Finally one kidney had to be removed. The other one was affected as well and could not work properly. This man began a Golden Rod treatment. He mixed equal parts of Golden Rod, Bedstraw and Yellow Dead Nettle, prepared a tea and sipped 3 to 4 cups during the day, whereupon he recovered, as he said himself, in 14 days. Golden Rod together with Bedstraw and Yellow or White Dead Nettle is efficacious in cases of cirrhosis of the kidneys and renal failure when renal dialysis has to be performed.

All our emotions are worked off through the kidneys. Therefore they are the most affected after an emotional shock, be it a death in the family or any other accident. Golden Rod proves its worth as a medicinal plant which influences the human emotions most favourably. It should therefore be drunk without delay in cases of disappointments and emotional stress. We feel the soothing effect of this plant almost like a calming and caressing hand in severe emotional stress.

Very popular for upper respiratory catarrh, for acute and chronic.

May be used as an anti-inflammatory urinary antiseptic, cystitis and urethritis and kidney infections.

Also for kidney and bladder stones.

Can be used for flatulent dyspepsia and for stomach spasms.

May have strong diuretic and astringent properties.

Excellent for emotional shock, stress and disappointment.


External Use:


Can be used to help heal wounds, insect bites, ulcers.

Can also be used as a poultice over aching joints.

Use as a gargle for laryngitis and pharyngitis, candida and oral yeast.

Use as a douche for vaginal thrush, at least for 3 nights.



Method Of Use:

Infusion: One cup boiling water, poured over 2-3 teaspoons of herb. Infuse for 10 - 15 min. Use as a tea. Strain and drink 3 times a day. 

Tincture: Take 2-4ml three times a day



Safety or precautions:

  • May cause allergic reactions.
  • Consult with a health practitioner before use.



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