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Depending on the place it grows it has 3 to 16% of silicic acid which makes it so valuable. In popular medicine Horsetail was much esteemed in old times, especially for its blood-staunching effect and its success in kidney and bladder trouble. But with time its values were forgotten. It has been...
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Depending on the place it grows it has 3 to 16% of silicic acid which makes it so valuable. In popular medicine Horsetail was much esteemed in old times, especially for its blood-staunching effect and its success in kidney and bladder trouble. But with time its values were forgotten. It has been declared “uniquely irreplaceable and invaluable” for bleeding, spitting of blood, bladder- and kidney disorders, gravel and stones. “For old troubles”, he says, “foul wounds, even cancer-like growths and ulcerated legs, Horsetail is of great value. It cleanses, clears up and burns away everything bad, so to speak. 

The Swiss Abbé Kuenzle says that all people from a certain age on should drink a cup of Horsetail tea every day all year round and all pain caused by rheumatism, gout and nerves would disappear and every person would have a healthy old age.

He tells of an 86 year old man who was relieved from stones which had caused him a lot of pain, by taking Horsetail steam baths and who still lived for many years. He also states: “This plant, taken internally as a tea, will stop the strongest haemorrhaging and vomiting of blood in a short time, yes, almost immediately.”

For painful bladder catarrh and cramp-like pains there is no better remedy than a decoction of Horsetail, if one wraps oneself in a bath robe and allows the hot steam of the decoction to work into the bladder for 10 minutes. Repeat several times and it soon will bring relief. Old people who suddenly have trouble urinating, together with pain, because the urine is not expelled or does so only drop-wise, will find relief through the hot steam of Horsetail, rather than having the doctor use a catheter. For gravel and stones in the kidney and bladder hot Horsetail sitz baths are taken and at the same time warm Horsetail tea is sipped, the urine is held back and finally emptied under pressure.

This way most stones will pass. On the strength of this suggestion I have received letters which confirm the above: Through this treatment the kidney stones were passed, the persons concerned are well and without any pain.

In cases where other diuretic means failed, Horsetail helped, as for example in accumulation of water in the pericardium, pleura, or in kidney disorders, after scarlet fever and other bad infectious diseases with water retention. It is an excellent remedy, internally and externally, for the whole kidney and bladder system.

After a difficult birth young mothers sometimes experience visual defects, the reason, most likely, is an affected kidney. Sitz baths stimulate the kidney and take the pressure off the eyes, so that slowly the visual defects disappear. The German physician Dr. Bohn highly praises this plant: “On the one side Horsetail is a remedy for haemorrhaging and on the other – and even more so – a kidney remedy. After drinking the tea, a large quantity of dark coloured urine is easily passed. For dropsy it is a quick, effective remedy.” If no other diuretic remedy works, all other herb teas are avoided and from 5 to 6 cups of Horsetail tea are sipped daily for 4 to 5 days (in persistent cases 6 days). 

For itching rashes, even if they are festering or scabby, washings and compresses of a decoction of Horsetail are helpful. Horsetail washings and baths are beneficial for inflammation of the nailbed, cracked feet, caries, old festering wounds, cancer-like growths, bony projections on the heal, fistulas, barber’s itch and other herpes. The scalded herb, wrapped while warm in a cloth, can also be applied. For painful haemorrhoids and haemorrhoidal knots the pulp is used.

For persistent nose bleeding a compress made from the cooled decoction of Horsetail is applied. As a blood-staunching remedy it helps to stop bleeding of the lung, uterus, stomach and haemorrhoids. Of course stronger decoctions are required. Normally 1 heaped teaspoon per cup (¼ litre) is used, but for bleedings 2 to 3 heaped teaspoons per cup are required. Horsetail together with Speedwell is a good preventive remedy for hardening of the arteries and for amnesia through its blood cleansing action. One can call it the best cancer prophylactic.

Don’t forget, Horsetail is one of the best remedies for chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis of the lungs. Through its silica content, the tea, if drunk regularly, helps heal the lungs and removes the general weakness. Results of the latest research, according to the Austrian biologist Richard Willfort, justify the assumption that tumours are inhibited in their growth and finally eliminated through the use of Horsetail tea for long periods. This is also useful for polyps in the abdomen or anus.

For greater benefit in both cases Horsetail steam poultices and sitz baths are used. These poultices are also useful for stomach pains, liver- and gallbladder attacks, bursitis and for painful congestions which press upon the heart.

I have found through experience that the worst disc lesions insofar as they are not caused by a pinched nerve, often disappear very quickly through the use of Horsetail sitz baths. If X-rays show degenerated vertebrae caused by age, there is no reason to suffer pain. The pressure of a kidney disorder pushes upward and along the spine where it presses on the superficial nerves causing pain, as experience shows. Therefore it is the pressure of the kidneys and not the disc lesions which causes the pain. A Horsetail sitz bath because of its deep penetration relieves the pressure.

A 38 year old woman was under treatment for disc lesions for 3 years, but her pains became worse, her shoulders and neck area were so stiff that she could only get out of bed in the morning with the help of a bar her husband had fixed over her bed. You will be quite surprised to learn that this woman lost all her stiffness and pain after only one sitz bath. This applies also for disc lesions caused by driving a tractor. The rattling movements do not harm the discs but the kidneys and immediately there is a pressure upward which Horsetail sitz baths relieve.

A lady from Switzerland had a stiff neck for years. Every year she took a cure which gave her only limited relief. By chance I met her. Sceptically she promised to take Horsetail sitz baths. Soon I received a call and this happy lady told me that after 10 minutes in the bath all the stiffness had disappeared. As I know, it has not returned since.

The great neurologist Dr. Wagner-Jauregg said in his writings: “two thirds of all mentally ill would not go to a mental home had they healthy kidneys.” Up to now I have been able to advise many unhappy people who, through kidney disorders, suffered from depression, delusions and fits of rage and would have ended in a mental home but for Horsetail sitz baths. For these conditions besides Yarrow and Stinging Nettle teas, a cup of Horsetail tea mornings and evenings must be drunk. For serious kidney disorders with all the accompanying symptoms, fresh Horsetail sitz baths should be used, the best, as mentioned previously, being the Great or River Horsetail.

A 5 litre bucketful of herbs is needed for 1 bath (see “Method Of Use” and “sitz bath” below). For the sitz bath the kidney region must be under water – the bath must last 20 minutes! Do not dry yourself, but, still wet, wrap yourself in a bath robe and remain perspiring in bed for one hour. Only then, dress in dry night attire. The sitz bath water can be rewarmed and used twice.

Thanks to the high silica contents this is a good astringent for the genitor-urinary system, reducing hemorrhage and healing wounds.

Excellent remedy for incontinence and bed wetting with children.

Used specifically in cases of inflammation or benign enlargement of the prostate gland.

Will ease off the pain of rheumatism and gout.

Also quite known for its healing properties in bleeding, blood spitting and kidney disorders and gravel stones.


External Use: 

For the healing of wounds, easing the pain of rheumatism and encourages the healing of chilblains. Will help with hemorrhage.

Will staunch bleeding.


Method Of Use:

Infusion: One cup boiling water, poured over 2 teaspoons of herb. Infuse for 10 - 20 min. Use as a tea. Strain and drink 3 times a day. 

For a bath: Steep 100g in hot water for an hour. Add to bath water for rheumatic pain and chilblains.

Tincture: Take 2-4ml three times a day


INFUSION: ¼ litre of boiling water is poured over 1 heaped teaspoon of Horsetail.

POULTICE: A heaped double handful of Horsetail is placed in a sieve, which is hung over boiling water. When the herbs are hot and soft, they are wrapped in a piece of linen and applied to the affected part. Keep absolutely warm!

SITZ BATH: 100 gm. of Horsetail are steeped in cold water overnight, the next day brought to the boil and added to the bath water. 20 minutes are required for a bath. Don’t dry yourself, still wet, wrap up in a bath robe, remain perspiring in bed for 1 hour. The bath water must reach above the kidney region.

TINCTURE: 10 gm. of fresh Horsetail are macerated in 50 gm. of pure whisky. Keep in the sun or a warm place for 14 days. Shake daily!

PULP COMPRESS: Fresh Horsetail is washed well and crushed to pulp on a wooden board


 Safety or precautions:

  • It can be an irritant and should only be used internally for a limited period.
  • Not for use with children
  • Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding

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Horsetail - 75g


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Horsetail - 75g
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