Lady's Mantle (60g)

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 Beneficial for menstrual disorders, "whites", abdominal disorders and indisposition
during menopause, but it also helps at the beginning of puberty, together with , to influence the onset of menstruation favourably. 

In cases, where, for young girls, menstruation will not commence despite professional medication, it is Lady's Mantle together with Yarrow (mixed in equal proportions) that brings everything into line.

The action of Lady's Mantle is astringent and very rapid healing, and it is used also as a diuretic and heart strengthening remedy.

It relieves weakness of muscles and limbs and helps in anemia.

For injuries after delivery, debility of the abdomen of women who have difficult confinements or are inclined to miscarry, for strengthening of the foetus and uterus, Lady's Mantle is of great help.

It is a cure-all for all female disorders and, together with Shepherd's Purse, even helps in prolapse of the uterus and in hernia.

"Through early and prolonged application of this medicinal herb two thirds of all operations performed on women would be quite unnecessary, since it heals all inflammations of the abdomen, fever, burning, suppuration, ulcers and hernia.

Every woman in chidlbed should drink much of this tea, some children would still have their mother, some stricken widower his wife, had they but known his herb" ~Swiss Abbe Kuenzle

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