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This powerful and remarkable herb is leaving doctors in South Africa speechless. Two doctors have already stopped prescribing the "blu pill" and are now ordering this herb from us and giving it to their patients. Wives and Girlfriends are in disbelief. They are giggling, excited and smiling from hear to hear. This herb is literally changing and restoring relationships. It is giving men back the respect and dignity they deserve. If your manhood has been compromised then you undoubtedly need to order this herb right now without delay.

100% Safe And Natural Herb. Order Now. 

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"It’s sold everywhere, even right outside your university main gate and hall of residence, and chewed by most campus students, even inside lecture rooms, for reasons ranging from curing stomach ache and worms to the most obvious- increasing the size of your member from a one inch piece of chalk to something that you believe will leave your babe breathless within the first 10 minutes of the show." Source:

In Kenya it is known as Mukombero, where drinking it in tea form boosts virility and sexual stamina. Mulondo is also reported to enable the p**** to grow bigger.

"I want to provide feedback on your mulondo. I can definitely see a noticeable change. I am bigger and I have more stamina.Thank you very much." - Charlie, USA.

Enhances sexual stimulation and ejaculation.

Results in greater sexual performance and stronger ejaculations.

Mulondo is used to control early ejaculation and increase erection.
Scientific studies have also found that Mondia whitei has anti-depressant properties. Mulondo is praised by men throughout Africa for its male enhancement and libido boosting effects. Supports male fertility, reproductive health, and testosterone production. Scientific experiments have shown that Mondia Whitei improves human sperm motility.

Has scientifically proven pro-ejaculatory effects.
The roots are used as a cure for impotence; a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

 Mukombero / Mulundo / Mondia Whiteii Root is potent for:

  • impotence
  • can add up 3 inches or more when taken over prolonged period of time
  • Natural and Powerful Aphrodisiac
  • Increased Stamina 
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Stronger Healthier Sperm
  • Increases Muscle Mass And Bone Density
  • Hyper Focus

Order Now. Fast Shipping Countrywide (South Africa Only) With Courier Guy.

For females:

  • fibroids
  • reproductive organs

See images for more information.

Capsule Form:

Root Form:

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