Small-Flowered Willow Herb (100g)

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For disorders of the prostate and also bladder. but mainly prostrate. Anything to do with prostate this herb is to be used. If you or friends/family have prostate disorders and/or even cancer then get this herb IMMEDIATELY!

" Small Flowered Willow-herb which can cure disorders of the prostate gland"

Even in the most severe cases only 2 cups of Willow-herb tea are drunk, 1 cup in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 cup in the evening.



In any case, for every serious illness, a doctor has to be consulted.


Small-flowered Will Herb may help many people suffering from * bladder or kidney disorders. * The curative effect is so great that, often suddenly, all complaints caused by prostate disorder disappear. There were cases, where men were to have an operation, the urine came only in drops and 1 cup of this tea brought relief.

Of course, the tea has to be drunk throughout a period to bring about complete recovery.

Many who suffer from a disorder of the prostate gland are able to find relief without an operation through the Willow-herb. If an operation has been performed, the Willow-herb tea relieves the burning and other complaints which often occur afterwards. * But in any case a doctor should be consulted. *

A man who had recovered from a prostate disorder wrote: “The Small Flowered Willow-herb has relieved my prostate disorder. I was in hospital with a heart infarct but I also suffered from prostate disorder and because of my heart trouble I could not be operated on. I heard of the wonderful Willow-herb which has helped in so many similar cases. I started to drink 3 cups daily; after several days I had no more complaints. I still drink 2 cups per day for a complete recovery. I thank God from the bottom of my heart. It is unbelievable that medicinal plants give such results.”

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